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motor vehicle in the right place » experimental « and

  »big city, the Chinese people are used to cooking on the contribution of PM2.5 is not nike flex experience rn for sale small, I hope people do with clean air work. »In this regard, there are micro-Bo commented, « This is to all the people eat cucumber salad to match  » More friends laugh, « proposed to buy stove to take Yaohao way, cooking should take second place to take odd and even number identification restriction. « There are friends that just past National Day holiday period, Beijing haze again suffered invasion, motor vehicle in the right place » experimental « and » Just elution suspects « , this view is to cooking as a » scapegoat. « In fact, cooking on the haze is not a small contribution rate is not groundless, as early as last summer, the Chinese Academy of Sciences « chase due to atmospheric haze and control » special group of « atmospheric haze traceability » report author of the project team, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wang YS had published their research, he believes that Beijing winter haze formation is a major source of pollutants, the culprit is the pollution caused by coal-fired gas heating, and summer and winter is not the same, cooking source greater impact than in winter.

 » It can not be ignored. « Wang YS that PM2.5 pollution in Beijing city in summer, cooking source can account for 15% -20%, automotive and related industries accounted for 40% -50%, 30% foreign contaminant transport, dust accounted for less than 10%. Wang YS also proposed countermeasures, he believes that « as long as the cooking source control to strengthen supervision on the line, » as the residents fume emission centralized management, the restaurant fume filtration system to strengthen institutional nike roshe run for sale supervision, can reduce a large part of PM2.5. Which does not involve the public to reduce cooking behavior section.Sichuan Online news this morning, Hurun sub-list one of the « 2013 Hurun Rich List Investment » issued in Shanghai, which is that this is the first release Hoogewerf Institute richest investment, counting only rich in the field of investment wealth.According to Hurun Rich List shows investment, Mr Liu family fortune of 200 million yuan of investment Ones « Hurun Rich List investments » richest man. In 1996, Mr Liu and several other well-known private entrepreneurs to set up joint investment as a major shareholder of Minsheng Bank, Minsheng Bank is currently Mr Liu family is the largest shareholder, the

 shareholding ratio was 6.7%. Mr Liu and other investments Shenzhen Gas, Cologne nike free run 3 buy online medicine and so on.Gonghong Jia, Chen Chunmei couple wealth to invest 18 billion yuan ranked second in 2001, Hikvision inception, Gonghong Jia became the company’s principal investor in, and in the early years of the development of the enterprise to make a very large contribution, in 2010, Hikvision smooth landing in Shenzhen SME Board, three years, the company’s share price rose more than 300%.And Lu Zhiqiang wealth to invest 16.5 billion yuan ranked third, Lu Zhiqiang, Minsheng Bank is one of the major founding shareholders of its holding in China Oceanwide Holdings Group is currently the eighth-largest shareholder of Minsheng Bank stake of 2.46%. In addition, in September 2009, 2.755 billion yuan Youyi Lu Zhiqiang acquired CAS Legend Holdings held 29% equity, the current sum investment has increased by more than 200%.The release of the richest investment, investment wealth of 50 billion yuan of China Sun family has 22 people, the total wealth of 2,121 billion, the average wealth of 9.6 billion yuan, compared with this year’s Rich List overall standings 50% higher average wealth. Threshold of five billion yuan investment

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